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Electronic recycling, a second chance for our planet


The term electronic recycling is gaining momentum in our Latin American countries of origin as well as here in Canada.

It is a process that is carried out on electronic devices. It consists of disassembling and separating the parts, responsibly recycling what is no longer useful and repairing what the technicians know can continue to work.

This is a beneficial practice for the environment, as this electronic waste is increasingly polluting our planet.

This is where our protagonist appears. He is Juan David Farfán. A Colombian who has lived in Canada for 23 years. Like most of us who have arrived in this country, we have reinvented ourselves and Juan David, under the motto of second chances and after a career in Canadian aviation, also changes airs and is dedicated to the repair of cell phones, an activity he learned in different countries of Latin America.

Juan David’s curiosity became his main strength. By analyzing the amount of electronic waste that was given as loss and seeing that it was not reused in such an effective way, given that in Canada it is not so common to repair cell phones or computers and there are not really many technicians specialized in this field. Juan David saw a great opportunity, as he himself says: “Latinos are curious and always try to solve problems”. So the idea came up and simply opened a small space, where he began to repair cell phones, he worked alone, little by little he got to know this ecosystem and made his way. Today there are 4 stores, 19 employees, an ecological mission and a successful business.

Juan David takes what is garbage for many and turns it into raw material for others. Among his statistics is that almost 90% of this garbage works again, “it is really an opportunity, because what is no longer useful here is still raw material for other countries”, therefore, he sends it to South America and there it is useful again.

“It is always a challenge, technology advances rapidly and everyone in this company works hard to always be up to date”.

Latino Systèmes not only works in electronic repair and recycling, its mission is also focused on solving some of the problems that new immigrants face, such as the need for a Canadian phone line and the adaptation of their phones to the new networks. In addition to sending and receiving money and parcels, all with the best quality, confidence and economy. In this way, the person who arrives can easily get everything in the same place, without language difficulties, since it should be noted that the store staff speaks French, English and Spanish.

In a world of continuous change and the curiosity to know how it works can be the best tool for entrepreneurs. The story of Juan David Farfán and Latino Systèmes is one more example of the creativity and strength of our Latino community, always willing to improve their condition and that of others. This is the message that this Latino wants to give to our community and especially to young people who are the ones who have in their hands the possibility of a change of consciousness for the care of our planet.

You can follow Latino Systèmes on its website, latinosystemes on facebook and Instagram.

Written by:

Luisa Fernanda Espinosa Rodriguez