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The expansion of the main Mexican companies in Canada and its impact on the hiring of Mexican personnel.

United states - canada border

By: Victoria Andrea Anillo Campos

Content Writing and Marketing


The Free Trade Agreement between Canada, Mexico and the United States has fostered significant economic growth in the North American region. As a result, many Mexican companies have sought to expand their operations to the north, taking advantage of business opportunities in Canada.

In Americanos Magazine, we will explore some of the main Mexican companies that have ventured into the Canadian market and evaluate their position in relation to the hiring of Mexican personnel.

United states - canada border
Bimbo canada

1. Grupo Bimbo:

One of the most recognized companies in Mexico, Grupo Bimbo, has achieved an outstanding presence in the Canadian market. This food products company has established operations in various Canadian provinces, providing employment to thousands of people. In addition, Grupo Bimbo has demonstrated a constant commitment to hiring Mexican personnel, taking advantage of its experience and knowledge in the industry to boost its growth in Canada.

Cemex building a better future

2. Cemex:

Another internationally renowned Mexican company, Cemex, has expanded its presence in the construction sector in Canada. Through strategic acquisitions and the construction of new production plants, Cemex has generated employment for Canadian workers and, in some cases, has hired Mexican personnel with experience in the construction industry. This strategy has allowed the company to leverage its global experience to offer innovative solutions in the Canadian market.

telcel - american-movil

3. América Móvil:

As a leader in the telecommunications sector in Mexico, América Móvil has entered the Canadian market through its subsidiary Telcel. The company has invested in infrastructure and technology in Canada, providing mobile and internet services to millions of users. In terms of recruitment, América Móvil has focused its efforts on employing local staff to adapt to the specific needs and regulations of the Canadian market.

Grupo Mexico

4. Grupo Mexico:

With a solid track record in the mining industry, Grupo Mexico has expanded its operations in Canada. Through the acquisition of mines and mining projects, the company has created employment in the Canadian mining industry. Although Grupo Mexico’s main recruitment focus in Canada has been to employ local workers, it has also provided job opportunities for highly trained Mexican professionals, allowing them to share their experience in the mining industry.

The Free Trade Agreement between Canada, Mexico and the United States has provided a favorable framework for the expansion of Mexican companies in Canada. The main companies mentioned in this article, such as Grupo Bimbo, Cemex, América Móvil and Grupo Mexico have found success in the Canadian market by offering employment and business opportunities.

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Although each company has its own particular approach to hiring, it is notable that many of them value the experience and knowledge that Mexican personnel can bring to their operations in Canada. This labor interaction benefits both Mexican companies and the Canadian economy in general, strengthening the relationship between both countries through trade and business collaboration.