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Hay Poder en La Comunidad

¡Hay poder en la comunidad!


Who are Hay Poder en La Comunidad?

Hay Poder en La Comunidad is Andrea Olivieri, Génesis Rodríguez, and a group of wonderful women who are part of this powerful community. We are all determined women committed to our own success, each one developing different roles in our lives as entrepreneurs, professionals, mothers, wives, friends, allies, and above all, women who work day by day to become our best version.

We believe in the power of surrounding ourselves with women who share our ideas, values, and goal of living a purposeful life. We believe that women are capable of positively influencing each other, and that’s why we join forces, ideas, and create this space of support, growth, learning, self-love, and sisterhood with much love.

We believe in support, in alliances, in nourishing our mind, body, heart, and in the power that comes when you invest in yourself, in your growth, and when you surround yourself with women who lift you up to the highest level.

What projects do you have for 2023 with Hay Poder en La Comunidad.

We want to continue strengthening the community through knowledge, bring more experts to our events, create experiences where women change their lives and take action for what they want, our main project is to continue being a link for more alliances between them, continue being that window and platform for women in the community to share their talents, there is too much potential in our women and the most important thing is that there is power in the community and willingness to continue evolving.

What message you want to give to the community, people who follow your project, newcomers and project, newcomers and why seek out your organization.

For those women who are arriving in this country, first we want to embrace them and applaud their courage because we know what it is like to be in their shoes in that first moment of landing ” Everything will be fine”. We would also tell them that here in #HayPoderEnLAComunidad they have two allies for whatever they need and a group of wonderful women, in this space we are sure that they will find food for their being, they will be surrounded by women who will elevate them to the highest, they will learn actionable tools to generate well-being and become their best version. We look forward to seeing you in our next events, activities and trainings to validate that there is power in the community!