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Latin American liquors in Canada

shelf with liquors

By: Victoria Andrea Anillo Campos

Content Writing and Marketing


When it comes to exploring new flavors and culinary experiences, there is no place like Canada to discover the hidden treasures of Latin America.

shelf with liquors

In recent years, the demand for authentic Latin American liquors and spirits has significantly grown in Canada. Whether you’re looking for Mexican tequila, Caribbean rum, or Peruvian pisco, you can find a wide variety of these beverages in Canadian stores and supermarkets.

Both SAQ (Société des alcools du Québec) and LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) offer an increasingly diverse selection of Latin American liquors in many of their locations throughout the country.



You can find a distinguished selection of Latin American liquors and spirits. If you’re in Montreal, we recommend visiting the branch on Sainte-Catherine Street or the SAQ Signature located in the Saint-Hubert district. There you will find a wide variety of tequilas, mezcals, piscos, and rums from renowned brands from Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and other Latin American countries. You can also find the famous Antioqueño aguardiente from Colombia during certain times.



If you are in Ontario, the LCBO offers equally interesting options. In cities like Toronto and Ottawa, you can head to their larger and specialized stores to discover a fascinating range of authentic Latin American liquors.

In addition to the large liquor chains, it is also possible to find Latin American liquors and spirits in specialized stores and supermarkets in different Canadian cities.

Legacy liquor store

In Vancouver, for example, you can find specialized stores in international liquors that offer a wide selection of premium tequilas and Caribbean rums like Legacy Liquor store.

BSW Liquor

In Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg, some liquor chains also have sections dedicated to Latin American liquors. At BSW Liquor store, you can find everything from aguardientes like the Colombian Aguardiente Blanco del Valle to typical fruit liqueurs from the region.