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Latin music in Canada

Aline Morales

The Influence of Latin Musicians in Canada: A Musical Expression that Conquers Borders.

By: Victoria Andrea Anillo Campos

Content Writing and Marketing


Latin music has left an indelible mark on the Canadian music scene, enriching the industry with its diversity of rhythms and passions. The influence of Latin musicians in the country has become evident through recognitions such as the prestigious EMPTY Awards and Latin American Awards. Among the awardees are talented artists who have taken Latin music to new horizons, transcending cultural boundaries and captivating audiences across Canada.

The emergence of new Latin artists in Canada has been an exciting and revealing phenomenon. In Americanos Magazine we want to tell you about some Latin artists who have conquered the music charts:1.

1. Jessie Reyez:

Jessie Reyez

Of Colombian descent, his unique style fuses R&B and pop with Latin influences, which earned him recognition both in Canada and internationally. Her single “Figures”, released in 2016, peaked at number 76 on the Canadian Hot 100 chart in 2017. He has collaborated with renowned artists such as Eminem, Lewis Capaldi and Calvin Harris.

2. Alex Cuba:

Alex Cuba

Renowned Cuban-Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist who has been awarded multiple prizes and has created a distinctive sound that combines influences from pop, jazz and traditional Cuban music. He has won two Juno Awards for the World Music Album of the year: in 2006 for Humo de Tabaco, and in 2008 for his second album, Agua del Pozo. In 2010 he won the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist. His 2015 album, Healer, earned him a Latin Grammy Award for Best Singer-Songwriter Album and a Grammy Award nomination for Best Latin Pop Album.–premios-grammy

3. Amanda Martínez:

Amanda Martínez

The Mexican-Canadian singer Amanda Martinez is one of the most recognized characters in the country’s music scene. Based in Toronto, her voice and influences are a permanent journey through her family roots, which extend through her paternal Mexico and her mother’s South Africa, through Spanish flamenco or Brazilian bossa nova. She has taken her music to some of the most important world events of the last decade, such as the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa and the Pan American Games in Guadalajara in 2011 and Toronto in 2015, where she also served as co-director of the cultural section of the event, known as ‘Ignite‘. He has won one Gramy American Awards, two Gramy Latino and two nominations as Latin Jazz Artist of the Year at the Canadian National Jazz Awards.

4. Aline Morales:

Aline Morales

Since her arrival in Canada in 2003, the Brazilian found a niche in the music scene of the capital of Ontario thanks to her versatility, diversity of registers and originality. She is a dynamic singer and a formidable percussionist. She has been a tireless promoter of the traditional rhythms of the Maracatu, traditional of the northeast of Brazil. His 30-member percussion group, Baque de Bamba, has played countless outdoor festivals, led parades through Toronto’s Kensington Market, and participated in Ontario Tourism’s “There’s No Place like It” ads.

These artists are a living testimony to the lasting influence of Latin music in Canada and how it has managed to enrich the country’s music scene.

In short, Latin music has left an indelible mark on the Canadian music scene, thanks to the influence of talented artists who have been recognized at prestigious awards such as the EMPY Awards and Latin American Awards. Both the new Latin artists in the country and those who have been in Canada for more than a decade have contributed to enriching the country’s musical and cultural diversity. His music transcends borders and becomes a universal expression that captivates audiences of all backgrounds. The influence of Latin musicians in Canada is a vibrant testament to the human connection through music.