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Latinos in Canada

Andrea Gómez

The rise of Latin entrepreneurs in Canada: Building a path towards business success in foreign lands!

By: Victoria Andrea Anillo Campos

Content Writing and Marketing


The Latin community has left a significant mark on Canada’s business landscape. Since their arrival, Latinos have demonstrated their worth as entrepreneurs, standing out for their dedication, creativity, and determination.

One of the key factors in their business success lies in the mutual support and collaboration established among them. Solidarity and willingness to share knowledge and resources have been fundamental in driving the growth of Latin businesses in Canada.

These entrepreneurs have forged a strong and united network that promotes business growth and provides development opportunities to other Latinos who come to the country in search of a promising future.

In Americanos Magazine, we have discovered that within the Latin community in Canada, there are outstanding entrepreneurs who have made a remarkable impact in the Canadian business world. Here are some of them:

1. Mario Escoto: Promoter of entrepreneurs and start-ups in Canada

Mario Escoto

Honduran entrepreneur. As the executive director of the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre in Thunder Bay, he is dedicated to supporting and mentoring new entrepreneurs seeking success in Canada. He is particularly interested in helping newcomers because he understands how difficult the process of adaptation can be in a foreign country. If you want to learn more about his story, visit his social media channels:

2. Andrea Gomez OMY Laboratories

Andrea Gómez

Omy Laboratories is the first Canadian laboratory to offer personalized dermocosmetics. Omy Laboratories has developed an artificial intelligence software called SkinIA, created in collaboration with dermatologists, artificial intelligence specialists, and chemists to analyze skin types.

With a photo and a few questions, this software is capable of measuring and evaluating the precise needs of customers and adapting a product to their skin preferences and issues.

3. Guillaume Olivier and Matías Calderini, OLICAI

Guillaume Olivier y Matías Calderini

With a firm commitment in the fight against food waste, OLICAI is dedicated to offering a demand prediction solution to food service providers, such as restaurants, grocery stores and bakeries. By using artificial intelligence, OLICAI has the ability to accurately predict the amount of fresh food that will be sold daily, giving customers the opportunity to optimize both the production and supply of perishable products. This innovative solution not only helps to reduce food surpluses, but also allows to increase profits by avoiding stock shortages.

With OLICAI, demand control becomes a powerful tool to minimize waste and maximize profitability.

The road to business success in Canada can be challenging, especially for those arriving from faraway lands. However, Latinos have shown exceptional resilience and an entrepreneurial mindset that has allowed them to overcome obstacles and succeed in their ventures.

In addition to mutual support, they have found invaluable support in Latino organizations and associations in Canada. These business networks not only provide advice and guidance, but also networking opportunities and access to key resources. The spirit of collaboration and the desire for shared success have become fundamental pillars of the Latino community in Canada, strengthening business growth and promoting economic development for both Latino entrepreneurs and the country as a whole.

In summary, Latin entrepreneurs in Canada have found fertile ground to develop their business ideas and projects. Their ability to adapt, their experience, and their entrepreneurial spirit have made them key players in the Canadian economy. Through collaboration and mutual support, Latinos in Canada have built a strong and prosperous business network that continues to grow and generate opportunities for all those who dream of achieving business success in foreign lands.

As more Latinos join the business community in Canada, the entrepreneurial spirit and mutual support continue to strengthen, creating a diverse and enriching business landscape.

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