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Canadá e espanhol: Uma comunidade em crescimento

Canadá e espanhol - uma comunidade em crescimento

Por: Victoria Andrea Anillo Campos

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Although Canada is known for being a country where English and French are mainly spoken, the presence and use of Spanish have experienced a remarkable growth in recent years. The Spanish-speaking community in Canada has been increasing, both due to immigration and the growing interest in learning Spanish as a second language. Although it is true that English and French are still the dominant languages, Spanish has consolidated as the third most spoken language in the country.

Americanos Magazine has found, according to recent data, 600,795 people speak Spanish as their mother tongue, which represents a 20% increase since the last census was conducted in 2016; that is, 1.5% of the Canadian population speaks Spanish. The Spanish language is currently the fourth most spoken foreign language in Canada below Mandarin, Punjabi and Yue (Cantonese).

Cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary are home to a large number of Spanish speakers, which has resulted in a vibrant Spanish-speaking community. Next, we relate the provinces and the number of inhabitants who speak Spanish based on the census conducted in the year 2021:

  1. Ontario: 242,855
  2. Quebec: 196,075
  3. Columbia Británica: 68,160
  4. Alberta: 67,870

In addition, the demand for Spanish teachers and language courses has increased considerably in Canadian schools and universities, evidencing the growing interest in learning and practicing this language.

The linguistic diversity in Canada is reflected in the existence of organizations and events that promote Hispanic culture and the Spanish language. Festivals, book fairs, concerts and community programs offer spaces for Spanish speakers and those interested in Hispanic culture to connect and share experiences. In addition, there is a wide range of Spanish-language media, such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs, which meet the information and entertainment needs of the Hispanic community in Canada.


The presence of Spanish in Canada is not limited only to Spanish-speaking communities. The interest in learning and speaking Spanish has increased significantly among Canadians of non-Hispanic origin. Many Canadians see Spanish as a valuable tool both professionally and culturally.They have enrolled in Spanish classes and participate in cultural exchange programs to improve their language skills.

In conclusion, Spanish has gained a prominent place in Canada as one of the most widely spoken languages. With a growing Hispanic community and a growing interest from Canadians in general, Spanish has become an important element of the country’s linguistic and cultural diversity. Whether you are looking to connect with the Hispanic community, learn the language or simply enjoy the cultural richness it offers, Canada offers a welcoming and vibrant space for Spanish lovers.