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The most attractive countries in Latin America for doing business in the next 2 years.

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Por: Victoria Andrea Anillo Campos

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Latin America is a region rich in commercial and investment opportunities. In the next two years, some countries stand out for their favorable business environment, offering political stability, sustained economic growth, and progressive policies that promote foreign investment.

In this article from Americanos Magazine, we will explore the most attractive countries in Latin America to do business in the coming years and the reasons that make them promising destinations for entrepreneurs and investors.


Considered one of the most stable and attractive countries for doing business in Latin America. Its diversified economy, strong institutional framework, and low corruption provide a conducive environment for foreign investment. Additionally, Chile has signed a wide network of free trade agreements, facilitating access to international markets. The country has also implemented policies to promote innovation and technology, becoming a hub for entrepreneurship and startup development.


It has experienced significant economic growth in recent years and is projected to be an attractive business destination in the near future. Macroeconomic stability, structural reforms, and advancements in security have contributed to creating a more favorable business environment. Likewise, the Colombian government has implemented policies to attract foreign investment, with fiscal incentives and facilities for the creation of companies. Sectors such as tourism, renewable energy, and technology present great business opportunities in the country.


It continues to be a strategic destination for doing business in Latin America. With its privileged geographical position, skilled workforce, and extensive network of trade agreements, Mexico offers a platform to access markets in North America, Latin America, and Europe. Additionally, the country has implemented reforms to promote competition and openness in key sectors such as energy, telecommunications, and financial services, creating new opportunities for investors.


It has become an attractive destination for foreign investment due to its constant economic growth and business-friendly policies. The country has a solid infrastructure, an expanding domestic market, and a stable investment climate. Sectors such as mining, tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing present interesting business opportunities. Peru has strengthened its relationship with other countries in the region through trade agreements, which facilitate access to international markets.


The mentioned countries offer a favorable business environment in Latin America in the next two years. Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru stand out for their economic stability, progressive policies, openness to foreign investment, and access to international markets.

However, it is important to highlight that each country has its own set of opportunities and challenges, so it is essential to conduct a thorough analysis before embarking on any business project.

In a globalized world, Latin America continues to be an attractive and promising region for entrepreneurs and investors seeking to expand their horizons and take advantage of new growth opportunities.