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The Spanish cinema in Canada


A window to cultural diversity

By: Victoria Andrea Anillo Campos

Content Writing and Marketing


Spanish-language cinema has been gaining increasing popularity in Canada, where the richness and cultural diversity of Spanish-speaking countries are celebrated. Recent films that explore a wide range of themes and genres are presented in different cities throughout the country, providing cinephiles with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in exciting and thought-provoking stories.

In Americanos Magazine, we will discover where Spanish-language cinema is presented in Canada and the events where access is available:

Film festivals and specialized theaters: Film festivals in Canada play a fundamental role in promoting Spanish cinema.


One of the most prominent festivals is the 2023 Hot Docs Festival, held in Toronto, Ontario. This event brings together an extraordinary selection of Latin American documentary cinema and allows viewers to enjoy high-quality cinematic works. This festival celebrates its 30th anniversary and brings together important filmmakers who come from Latin America, especially from Mexico.

Movie theaters: In cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary, there are specialized movie theaters that regularly screen Spanish-language films, providing a platform for cinema lovers to explore new cinematic proposals.


Among them we have Cineplex Cinemas, the most famous cinema chain in Canada; and through the Coyote Entertainment company, whose representative is Mexican Carlos Serrano, Spanish-language films are projected for the Latino audience in order to bring them closer and create a family-friendly environment. However, these screenings are restricted as authorization must be obtained from the provinces and the cinema chain’s directives, on specific days and times. If you want to learn more about these screenings and events scheduled by Coyote Entertainment, follow their social media accounts:

Univision Canada:

Univision Canada

Discover the Latin world in Canada through Univision Canada! On this renowned television channel that you can access through your preferred operator, you can enjoy a wide variety of content in Spanish. From current and relevant topics that affect the Latin community in Canada, to exciting movies and captivating novels. On Univision Canada, you will find an enriching experience that will keep you informed, entertained, and connected to your Latin roots.

The screening of Spanish-language films in Canada not only provides entertainment and enriches the country’s cinematic offerings, but also sparks interest in Spanish language and culture. These screenings are an opportunity for both Spanish speakers and those interested in cultural diversity to immerse themselves in different realities and perspectives. Additionally, Spanish-language cinema fosters intercultural dialogue and promotes understanding and appreciation of the diverse traditions and experiences of Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanish-language cinema in Canada has managed to gain a prominent place in the country’s film scene, thanks to specialized film festivals and theaters that regularly screen Spanish-language films. Through these screenings, Canadian film enthusiasts have the opportunity to explore a wide range of stories.