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What is happening with the healthcare system in Canada?

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Challenges and issues of the healthcare system in Canada.

By: Victoria Andrea Anillo Campos

Content writing and marketing


The healthcare system in Canada is considered one of the most outstanding worldwide, praised for its universal coverage and equitable access to medical care. The public healthcare system, called Medicare, provides coverage to all citizens and permanent residents.

At Americanos Magazine, we tell you how to access this important resource.

how to access the healthcare system in Canada

To access the healthcare system in Canada, you must have a valid health insurance card. This card is provided by the provincial or territorial government where you reside.

It is recommended to have a family doctor, who will be responsible for your general medical care and refer you to specialists if necessary.

It is important to know which healthcare services are covered by the healthcare system in your province or territory.

To avoid long waits, it is recommended to make appointments in advance with your family doctor or specialist.

Your medical history if it is from your country or Canadian

However, like any healthcare system, it also faces certain challenges and issues that require proper attention and solutions. Among them, we have:

  1. Long waiting times: One of the most prominent challenges in the Canadian healthcare system is the problem of long waiting times for medical care. Although access to medical services is universal, the high demand for care and the shortage of resources have led to significant delays in accessing specialized services, such as non-urgent surgeries and consultations with specialists. Patients often have to wait weeks, and even months, to receive the necessary care, which can have a negative impact on people’s health and well-being.
  2. Shortage of doctors and health professionals: Canada is facing a growing shortage of doctors and health professionals in many regions of the country. The lack of medical staff, particularly in rural and remote areas, makes it difficult for many patients to access medical care. This shortage is due to factors such as the aging of the medical population, the migration of doctors to other countries and the lack of resources to attract and retain health professionals.
  3. Access to specialty care: Although Canada’s health care system covers most health care services, some specialty services such as dental care, vision care and mental health care are not covered by Medicare. As a result, many people have difficulty accessing these services, especially if they do not have private health insurance.
  4. Lack of coordination and continuity of care: The health system in Canada is divided into different jurisdictions, which can lead to a lack of coordination and continuity in health care. The transfer of information and medical records between different providers and care facilities can be problematic, making it difficult to provide smooth and efficient care for patients. In addition, the lack of communication between different levels of care, such as primary care and specialized care, can affect the quality and effectiveness of treatment.
  5. Inequities in health care: Despite universal coverage, inequities in health care persist in Canada. Some groups, such as indigenous populations, rural communities and recent immigrants, face additional barriers to accessing health services. These barriers may include lack of available services in remote areas, language barriers, cultural differences and economic hardship. Addressing these inequities and ensuring equitable access to health care remains a major challenge.
  6. Financial pressure: The healthcare system in Canada is also facing increasing financial pressure due to the aging population and rising healthcare costs. The demand for health services is increasing, which requires additional investment to meet the needs of the population.

In conclusion, although Canada’s healthcare system is considered one of the best in the world, there are still some challenges that need to be addressed. The lack of doctors and nurses in some areas, limited access to specialized care, long waiting times for medical care and system funding are just some of the problems facing the health system in Canada.

However, the commitment of the government and health professionals to address these challenges can lead to significant improvements in the quality and accessibility of medical care in the country.


0002 blog healthcare